Common Roof Repairs for Perth Homes

When it comes to your home, your roof is the first line of defense from natural hazards such as the wind, rain, or storm. Also, it is the part of your building that is the most vulnerable. Your roof is exposed to weather and other harsh natural conditions that may lead to deterioration and even decay. Such conditions increase the risk of damage to the roof and all the elements that are beneath it.

Below are some of the common damages a roof may be exposed to particularly in the capital city of Perth (Western Australia, Australia).Gutter and roof repairs needed on Perth home

  • Leaks and Moisture

    Hail, wind, rain, blocked gutters, and debris… all of these are more than enough reasons that can lead moisture to get under the layer of the roof. This can result in causing the roof to leak, rot or mould could form;

  • Trees and Branches

    Trees limbs that are overhanging can rub on a roof, abrading the shingles surface and wearing away the top protective layer of the roof. Trees that are near a house should be trimmed as much as possible so as to avoid any potential damage to the roof;

  • Critters

    Birds, possums and small animals (such as roof rats) can cause a surprising amount of damage. It is better as part of your regular roof maintenance process to get rid of them before they can get a foothold.


Repair Roofs As Soon As Damaged Is Noticed!

Your roof might be aging, or it might be in desperate need for repair. If that’s the case, you should have it repaired by a professional roofing company. Failing to repair a roof in due time can result in much severe damage that will in return compromise the structural integrity of your house.

Here are some of the consequences, if a damaged roof is left without been repaired:

  • Huge Repair Cost

    Homeowners might sometimes think that a minor roof problem like a missing tile or a loose shingle is not a serious concern. However, nothing could be much further from the truth. What may seem to be a small problem today may turn out to be a much bigger problem in future.

    Repairing a minor problem is less costly, but if you leave the problem to be bigger, it may attract a significantly larger repair cost;

  • Poor Safety

    It is not safe to live under a neglected roof. The structure can even collapse if enough water collects on a damaged or old roof. This can result in people who live inside getting injured. A roof should be repaired as soon as a problem is detected;

  • Decreased Property Value

    If you are planning to sell your home and your roof is defective, then you should think again. A home that has serious roof problems is not attractive to potential buyers;

  • Severe Water Damage

    Water leaking through the roof is not an issue to be taken lightly. It can become trapped in a home’s wall or inside the attic causing mould to grow and damaging insulation.

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